For most of us out there, we have pets that are our life, our children, our companions. They are often the final piece of the puzzle to make a family feel complete. They are the best therapists, cuddle buddies, and door greeters anyone could ask for. Often when you look into the eyes of an animal you see a living being, a friend, and a soul. The most unfortunate part of owning a pet, is knowing they will not last forever, and that we want to treat them to the best life possible why they are on earth with us. Why not treat your beloved friend and family member to photography? We care about them so much we will always want to have memories of them to hold on to and look back on through the years.

Special rates are offered for pet photography!

5 edited shots of your pet for $20.

10 edited shots of your pet for $25.

These rates are for pets only and doesn’t include humans. If the pet owner or family wishes to participate $20 will be added to the total session.